2003 crf 450r water pump.

i went out to the desert sunday and noticed that i had coolant in my skid plate, it seems that the coolant is coming from the weep hole. ive read that its more than likely the seal, and i also that you can drill an 1/8th inch hole in the impeller face but i cant find the thread on here. so if anyone can send me the link id appreciate it. also if anyone has used the boyesen supercooler water pump kit and what your opinion is on it.

The hole is self explanatory. Just drill the whole between to blades. I myself have the boyesen impellor without the boyesen cover. Doesn't have the hole in it. Got it off eBay for like $30 new. As far as noticeable?? I have no idea. I don't have the thermo strips on my motor yet. Btw. My bike is an 03.

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