First ride of the year under my belt

Spent 4 days in the dunes. What a blast. We blew up a kx 125 (crank), lost a yz 125 (unsure, zero compression), toasted a clutch on a crf250, KXF 250 hot start broke, timming plug fell out, and auto decomp cam stoped working. The KTM stood tall. Bent the sub frame and handle bars pretty good. Now the sub frame hits the paddles and tears it up. All in all it was a great weekend except for my daughter puking off the top bunk onto me and my youngest (8 month old) daughter. Two sleeping bags are in the trash. Little one cried the whole time, wife didnt even get to ride. New toyhauler worked great, except I tore off the stabilzer jack pulling out the driveway, and my middle daughter ripped a table off the wall. Dang I love ridding and wish I could do it more. Older two daughtes, 5 and 6 years old, rode the snot out of the 50. First time w/o training wheels. They could hardly touch the ground. Couple of big get off, but jummped back on the horse and kept on ridding. By the time we left they were tearing up the grass track I made them. Made me so proud. Just thought I would share:ride:

Awesome story man lol.

LOL, the jacks dont last long. Sounds like a fun trip,other than the sb thing and the poor bikes and

I am just so proud of the girls. Not for throwing up on me, but for ridding their bike. Hunting CL now for another 50 and some more gear. Knee pads are needed for the small ones.

man what a time! i would never take a 125 or a 250f to the dunes. always a 300,2t or 450,4t. its just really hard on little bikes.

Yup the dunes eats 125's and 250f's. We killed 4 of em. Just glad I was not the one who killed it. Kinda wanted to ride the kx 125 and yz 125, they WERE supposta be pretty peppy bikes. Not intrest in 250's anymore.

I won't ride any bike that's important to me in the sand dunes .. That's what quads are

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