Water in motor, Help please!

Alright so i was replacing my top end and while waiting on the new piston/rings etc. .There happen to be a whole in the garage where i had my bike. My top end was off and i had a rag covering up my bottom end. When I went to the garage this morning it was full of water. It was fairly clean water i soaked up as much as i could. Drained out all the oil and most of the water, put some new oil to make sure it was still lubricated as much as possible. .Im not very mechanically inclined so im wondering if there is something else i should do or if it will cause any damage. Its an 03 kx 125 (2 stroke) I'll appreciate any pointers you can offer thanks !

When i submerged my 2005 yz125 in a mud puddle, EVERYTHING was soaked in water, that day i stripped most of it down to get as much out as i could from the airbox and miscellaneous parts but nort the engine, when i got home that night i pulled the motor out of the frame, pulled the cylinder and head, and just kept pouring premix into the bottom end, turning it over, and then pouring it out into a bucket, i did this over and over again until i had used about a gallon and a half of premix. i have since put over 40 hours on the bike and have had no problems. hope that helps.

Changing the oil wont do much. The transmission and the spot where the crankshaft sits in are seperated. Do what the guy above me suggested. You could try to blow the water out with an air hose as well. I would pour premix in and rotate about 3 times then pour some gas in and rotate. Then blow. Then repeat until you think you are good.

I should specify that by premix i meant a gas/premix oil mix. I cannot remember if i used my usual 40:1 or if i used an oil rich mixture but either way as long as your flushing it out it should be ok, just do it very well. I had muddy/gritty water in mine, so if yours is just regular water you should be fine using this method.

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