Water in motor, Help please!

Alright so i was replacing my top end and while waiting on the new piston/rings etc. .There happen to be a whole in the garage where i had my bike. My top end was off and i had a rag covering up my bottom end. When I went to the garage this morning it was full of water. It was fairly clean water i soaked up as much as i could. Drained out all the oil and most of the water, put some new oil to make sure it was still lubricated as much as possible. .Im not very mechanically inclined so im wondering if there is something else i should do or if it will cause any damage. Its an 03 kx 125 (2 stroke) I'll appreciate any pointers you can offer thanks !

Well... all i know if when i dropped my celly in the lake, i put it in a bag of rice and it removed all the moisture :cheers:

Id drain oil, change it. Run motor and change it again.

I don't know how this will react to the rubber seals, but maybe rinsing it out with wd-40 isn't that what it was originaly ment for. Like i said not sure about the seals hopefully some one else knows more and chimes in here.

You need to get the moisture out before it attacks the bearing surfaces.

I had a plug rattle out on a 144 and it was a mud race and the bike was COVERED. Just seemed like it was blown up and i couldnt see anything other then mud under the cylinder so i started blasting it off that night and once it was somewhat cleaned up realized it was the plug just sitting on top of the head. Pulled the head and cylinder and mud and water were all over the dome of the piston and in crank. What i did was took the motor out of the frame, and flushed the bottom end out with wd-40 like ten times, after each rinse blowing it dry with an air compressor (having friend hold bottom end upside down). Threw it back int he frame, gave it a few squirts of wd-40 and put it back together with a new top end after giving the cylinder and head a good cleaning, ran like new. The oil wont see any of that water if the water only went down into the crank case, the tranny oil is sealed from the crank case. Only way water would of mixed with it would be if you had a bad main seal on the right side...

Take off the fuel tank and carburetor and turn the bike upside down.

If you are willing, take the engine out and try to blow it out with air, then go to Wal-Mart and buy some of the cheapest motor oil they have. Start rinsing it out with the motor oil a few times, then switch to rinsing it out with premix.

Spin the crankshaft around to check for rusted bearings on the crankshaft. If they are rusted, your engine is in bad shape.

Take off the fuel tank and carburetor and turn the bike upside down.

^^^^this is how we do it when a bike gets drowned here on the wetside of washington.

after turning the bike upside down put the bike into 3rd or higher gear and spin the rear wheel both directions. since you have the jug removed you'll want someone to hold the rod in the center so it doesn't get all dinged up from flopping around and he can tell you when it stops spraying water out of the crank.

check the bearings with a light and mirror like kdx said to verify that rust hasn't gotten a foothold. reassemble as soon as possible and introduce some seafoam into your premix and this will help with any residual water vapor that is left over.

it's key to do this as soon as possible as the rust will start in as little as 48 hours.

changing the oil won't help at all as the trans is sealed off from the cylinder/crank area.

now, hurry up!

Well it looks like he did manage to catch it inless then 24 hours and he drained it and dumped some new oil into it he may have saved it himself.....

WD-40 would have worked. The WD stands for "Water Displacement" anyway, that's what it was meant for.

wd40 and other spray oils displace water,read the can.Then run it,heat will turn water to vapor and that will leave with your exhaust.

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