New carb woes... pumper carb requires mulitple throttle pulls to build pressure...

Hey there,

So I'm trying to sort out the proper way to tune a WR400F carb, which has the old school slant FCR carb. In the process, I discovered the EDDY MOD, which is pretty rad, and makes a lot of sense. I went ahead and did all of the modifications, and everything seems good.

Well now i can see that there is clearly something else going on entirely than I thought, although I can see how this modification will help me. Hooking the carb back up and attaching the gas, I noticed it wasn't squirting at first. Figuring the Accelerator pump was merely empty, I gave the throttle a bunch of twists, and it slowly began to squirt again until it had good pressure. Alright, nice it works! So I leave it for a bit, then try it again...

Same thing happens all the time now, It won't squirt at first, then slowly builds pressure.

Any ideas what would cause this? Slight leak somewhere? Clogged passage? Jesus hates me?

Nevermind... I see it leaking from all around the seal on that beast. Weak sauce! I think a new diapgram may be in order, or perhas the o-ring seal? Something ain't right!

...and the solution was ungodly stupid.

Now I've got the problem where I still thing the squirt coming from the accelerator pump is just too much, even after the eddie mod. DOH!

I'll have to ride it to tell!

Did the taffy mod?

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