Long Horn Cattle attacks?

I live out in the Sacramento area and ride up in the foothills. I've noticed that some of the ranch folks that had been grazing black Angus in free range areas have been replacing those with long horns. Just wondering if those suckers are going to gore me if i get near em? Why are the ranchers switching from black Angus to long horns? SUckers look like they are not scared of anything and i'm a city guy so i'm not familier with em.

Not longhorns,but;

What's that video got to do with the thread?? Boring Just give those longhorns some room, it's the young ones that'll spook and crash you.

They are no more aggressive than any other breed of cattle. Just stay away from the momma cows and their babies. A mad momma cow will chase you until she can't see you anymore. If she catches you, she'll kick and stomp the stuffing out of you!!!

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