whats the best headlight for under $100?

hey guys i'm pretty sure i'm going to be restoring my 99 WR400 and selling my 07 WR450 for money reasons, the 99 needs a lot of work so i'm looking into cheap parts for it but the headlight isn't really something i want to skimp on. When i bought the bike it had this headlight on it but i've never been pleased with the amount of light it produced and it's in pretty bad cosmetic shape now. I was looking through and this one really caught my eye cause the spot light is up higher and right now with the old one i usually can only see the front fender :ride:

I'm also looking for a cool rear fender with a tail light but all i've found also have a license plate holder which i don't need.

Thanks guys :cheers:


Can you get a bulb holder that'll hold an H4 bulb? Wire in a connector (available at most auto parts stores) and plug an automotive bulb into it. Plenty of light.

The touratech one is a top notch design. I had the HID one which i wouldnt suggest but the halogen one would be perfect.

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