heat shield!!!!

guys i just got back in from riding in the wet and i have some advice for you, always use a heat shield if you can! i was riding on my track in the wet and i slid out on a berm. the bike was on my leg so i turned it off and tried to get it off me, when i saw smoke. i thought s**t ive broken a radiator or something but i felt some heat on the inside of my ankle. i freaked out and tried to pull my leg out but i couldnt. it was getting hotter and hotter every second so i tried to lift the bike off me (yz250f, im 14 so not that strong.) and i lifted it just enough to get my leg out. it was still getting hot and it started to really burn so i ripped off my buckles as fast as i could (so hard they broke) and ripped off my boot. it was pretty much melted to the core. it doesnt have a hole but close enough. i lifted up the bike and a bike black mark was on the exhaust header. so im telling you to please put a heat shield on your bike if you can, it may not look as cool (thats why i didnt have it on) but it will look cooler than having no foot because you have 3rd degree burns. please!

I hear you! I was putting around on my dads 440 2t when he first got it (testing an adjustment) ans i didnt hate saftey gear on, figured if i didn't leave the yard or go above 10mph i'd be fine. My dad didn't tell me he had just spread out wet mulch and when I tried to go through it the bike slid out and pinned me under it with the expansion chamber on my leg. by the time the bike got pulled off me i had BAD 2nd degree burns from my ankle to just below my knee; left a cool scar tho! The good news is that crash convinced my dad to get saftey gear, he was just going to wear jeans and cowboy boots

yup! i had my boots on and everything and it still happened. this sport isnt just dangerous from falling off, you can easily get 3rd degree burns.

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