83 PW80 Dies After 15 Minutes

Bought an old PW80 for the kids to start on. Starts pretty much first kick. Idles smooth and goes for about 10-15 minutes before dying.

Starts again most times, however sometimes need to wait a few minutes, but ends up dying again somewhat quicker.

Oil injection has been disconected. Runs on premix. Rebuilt the carby.


When it dies, does it still have spark?

Had similar problem on a DRZ 125. It was the spark plug cap. somebody had removed the resistor. It worked fine until it got hot.

Check the fuel tank vent for restriction yet?

yeah the old PWs have a vented cap instead of a normal vent line, open the cap when it dies and see if that's it.

Also, go into the Pee-wee forum... smacarroni knows WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too much about these little bikes... seriously, I think he's getting close to needing an intervention :cheers:

Have replaced the fuel cap with a traditional cap and vented line. Definately improved overall performance but didn't solve the problem. Thought it may have had the wrong/bad plug and changed that , but still no joy.

Hadn't thought of the resistor, and ill check for spark next time. As I said before most times it would start up again but die again not long after. About the same time as the kids say "Stuff This" and go off and do something else.

Appreciate all your comments, I'll go off for a bit of a tinker and see how we go.

if you can get a gaiter (< sp?) for the plug, it really helps too. I mean the bit that goes on the spark plug boot, that seals to the insulator on the plug. Being as there's no real fender, the plug gets splashed alot, and that can kill it too. I put one of those on mine, and some dielectric silicone in it, and it works like a champ in the mud now.

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