who sells just the retaining clips for master links?

I bent the master link retaining clip on the new DID 520v o-ring chain I installed on my DR350SE last weekend. Seems I didn't have the sideplate pressed far enough in for the clip to go into the groove, and I bent it. It seems local shops don't sell retaining clips, just complete master links.

I ordered one of these along with a new masterlink:


question #1:

Unless I can buy just the clips, I will have to buy a masterlink complete and toss most of the kit. Does anyone know where to buy just the clips?

question #2:

Can I peen the ends of the pins to retain the sideplate, rather than use the clip for which this masterlink was designed? Or does the clip-type masterlink only work with the retaining clip? I don't want to do anything that could cause the chain to come apartwhile riding.

Never seen just a clip. For the $3 for a complete master link, just buy a new one.

If you want to "peen" the link to retain, buy a rivet style link and use the proper tool. If you don't have the tool, pick up a clip style and call it good.

I wouldn't compromise with a shade tree mechanic attempt at retaining the link of the chain. Just sayin'.

^Yeah you can get the whole master link for just a few bucks....I keep a few spare ones in my tool box....

With a o-ring chain that is wider than stock the master link ends up getting

worn before the chain is used up. I replace the master link when I see it is worn. Just cheap insurance! :cheers:

Well the master link, like the chain is brand new. I just buggered the clip installing it.

In Canuckistan, a master link goes for between $9-$15, and the clip is a $0.10 bit to produce, that unfortunately, as far as I can tell, is not sold by itself.

Only 1 store out of 4 had the link I need in stock. So at $15+ 13% tax = $17, would you want to buy a new link?

Fortunately, a nice guy in the 4th shop I spoke with gave me a link from his odds and sods bin.

I have a Rocky Mtn ATV tool and a spare link on the way for $14, but this clip will get the chain sorted in the meantime.

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