Proper stretching, knees locked or slightly bent?

When I stretch straight down to the floor with my feet either together or apart I have no problems keeping my knees locked but when I go to stretch to one side or the other that knee will never stay locked and always pops back and forth between locked and slightly bent. On some of the moves I've been doing too I've had a hard time keeping my knees straight like doing a table top, where your standing on one leg with your arms, back and other leg all in line with the ground, unless I rotate my toes pointing out instead of straight down.

Is this just lack of flexibility that I'll hopefully one day gain?

no one?

Don't know... I can't even touch my toes with my legs together and straight legs, but I have no problem with keeping my leg straight when I stretch to the sides.

in most cases you never want to lock out the knees. try to stretch with them slighty bent. if you want to lock them out then sit on one of the excersize balls and then you can bend it straight and stretch. or you can use a weight bench and do one side at a time. when i use to kickbox i use to have a stretch machine that would force stretch your legs. you crank it a little at a time and stretch then cont. it got me really flexible. i am a big guy and people are amazed how far i can stretch for my size

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