2008 kx250f suspention HELP!

I bought a used 2008 kx250f. pro action did the suspention and but 130lb springs in it. i am not 100% sure if they did the rear also? how do i find out if it is stock or not? and finaly if i but 180lb springs in the forks and dont touch the rear what would happen? anything bad?

thanks for all your help

measure the front and rear sags, rear should be about 103mm with 30-40mm free sag, fork sag should be about 55mm IMO.If you get those type of numbers your springs are close.

Most of the time Suspension Shops keeps records of work they did.....If you know the name of the guy that had the work done....more than likely they will have the info on what they did to the suspension.... And can tell you what they would change for your weight and riding style........

alright thanks ill give this a try. how do you measure sag? anything about the only changing fork springs?

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