rmz 250 for son?

do you think my son could ride a rmz 250 he is 5'5 he had a drz 125 with kx rear shock and front shock he out grew that

A 250f is the next steep up so why not a RMZ

id go with it

Yep, he should do fine. I rode a drz 125 small wheel for a years and then moved to a yz250f with very little problems.

I'm 5'5 and ride a '08 rmz250. i shaved 1" off the seat but it fits me better than my '01 yz250f and my 04 crf450. all my bikes get the seats shaved a little. i still can't touch both feet on the ground, but never have and never will?

i'm 5'10 and i have a little of a shaved seat and i can almost touch the ground flat footed

I'm 5'5". Of course I can ride it, good.

I'm always just tippytoed with boots on at all times. Seat isn't shaved or has any lowering modifications.

He could jump up to a honda crf230f but its a heavy bike (250lbs) and the suspension isn't great, I had one (its was my first bike) for 5 months and then bought an 08 rmz 250 and never looked back. I'm 5'9" and the height of the bike doesn't bother me at all

I bought my son one and he was 5'5 130 lbs . No problem make sure you set the race sag which will more than likely lower the rear.

My son went from a KTM 85 to the RMZ250. He was fine, even though slightly intimidated at first.

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