New to the site and need some help!

I adjusted the valves on my 05 crf450, it starts great now but when I pull in the clutch or when I release the clutch with it in gear there is a loud clacking noise that I can hear for a few seconds. If it is idealing in neutral the noise is gone..

Well while running, with it in gear, letting the clutch out will cause you to take off, the noise you may be hearing could be the chain slapping the swingarm... Just a thought!

my yz does that if im coming out of a corner with almost no speed and i try to come out in fourth or higher. idk if its the same noise but it definitely doesnt sound good on mine. it just means that im in too high of a gear

this is a new sound that wasn't there before i shimmed the valves,and when I am letting out the clutch it makes the noise before I even start rolling

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