2006 kx 250f "needs new topend" does it really?

a guy has this 06 kx250f for sale he said he was riding it down the path to go fishing only goin slow in about second gear when the bike locked up. he said he had to tip it over to see if there was any oil in the eye sight on the clutch cover. My question is do you think at most all it will need is a piston/rings and cylinder repair? he said he parked it and tried kicking it a couple days later and it turns over . my biggest concern is if it needs head repair. the kid is not very mechanical and didnt take anything apart. So based on how all of it happened, do you think this bike will need head work? thanks

Let him fix it, he broke it.

All sorts of things can be damaged from running low on oil. Usually the cams seizes in the head before the piston sticks.

Seized cams can mess with the timing chain. Which can lead to trouble with the valves.

Seized piston can bend the rod.

Metal debris from all of this can destroy bearings and gears.

It´s also worse to slowly be running out of oil, that means he has ridden the bike several times with low oil.

And isn´t it funny how lightly everyone has ridden their bikes when it´s time to sell it? Even when it´s completely broken down and hardly turns over.

Save your money for a nicer bike.

im looking at this bike to buy fix up if it doesnt need a new head . he wants 1300 bottom dollar. i figure i can always part it out


1300 is way too much for a locked up 5 year old bike

i agree...i'd say $800 top dollar...

he will counter with, I can part it out for more...where you tell him to do it, and have a good day.

at $1300 - and about $600 of top end work, you might as well get a newer used bike. That is a major assumption that the bottom end is still okay.

Good luck.

okay i will see if he can go any lower.. he originally wanted 1800!!!


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