cobra performance?

:ride:hi thumper lovers, ive decided to get a cobra mufler for my xl600r, ive read that its loud. but cant find anything about the performance of it. anyone have experience with this sort of pipe on any ride? is it real loud? is the performance just like stock?:cheers:

Is it a Cobra ISDE, one of those old little guys? I've got one. It's pretty loud, not the loudest thumper pipe I've heard though. It flows a lot freer than stock. They're really good pipes, and economical too. I'm not sure about performance, but I went up from a 170 to a 172 main with a that and a PowerBomb header on my XR600R. Mind you, I've got a hotcam in it too.

thanks jtkardel good info, can you tel me if the cobra is actualy road legal? or just offroad?

I used to have a Cobra slip on on a DR350. It was stooopid obnoxious loud:busted: Somebody should have kicked my arse for riding the thing on the street:smirk:

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