2008 RMZ450 and 2007 RMZ450

Thanks for adding me to the forum...I am no pro and still learning alot. I purchased a 2007 RMZ 450 from a guy a year or so ago....it was a great deal and I realized that i messed up when i ordered some graphics..... I ordered a BTO graphics kit for the bike and didnt realize that they didnt print one for 2007 450. I was wondering if anyone had moded/cut any 08 graphics to fit a 07. If so could you guys tell me if it was alot to mod or should i just send the crap back i messed up an ordered....(Being that it will look like trash)? If you guys could point me to where someone has done this and school me to what yall think i should do..... Pic attached.....if you guys could guide me to where i can get another one like the one thats on the bike already including the red seat cover i may do that....thanks guys,,,sorta hard to tell due to the lighting but the seat is all torn to hell from me crashing a little more than i would like and the stickers are coming all off!!! HELP :cheers:


Sorry brotha. All the plastics are diffrent and while it may be posssible to make it work with a razor blade. It's not worth the time, and wont look right. Sell the graphics or return them? Start over.

Preciate that...that's what I figured but I was hope'in I could do something!!! I messed up...so imma have to mail them back!!! Dag...haa "learn something new everyday"

We all make mistakes! At least it wasnt an expensive one!!

Amen to the cheap lesson learned.....you know anyone that needs a BTO kit...haaa "Where u get ur graphics from?" I'm

Sure u have like a 2011 or somethin like that

Close! 2009, and they are the same plastics :cheers: Try putting them up for sale in the classifieds at the top of your screen....

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