Getting bike ready for the season, but how?

I've got an 08 450r and I dont race. purely recreational but I def ride hard. I noticed my kickstart lever was loose when I was putting it away and I'm not that mechanically inclined but I'm willing to learn and I have the service manual. I just want to know what I should be checking for as far as loose bolts or what not, I know how to change oils, filters, check spokes n chain but what else should I worry about? just trying to prevent an accident or mechanical failure.

I would make sure to clean and regrease all pivot points (i.e. wheel bearings, linkage bearings, swingarm pivot, stem bearings, etc.).

I would also service the suspension, whether it is just changing the suspension oil, or a rebuild, depending the condition of the seals. You may also want to clean up the carb to clean up and dirt, gunk, etc. that has built up over the winter. I would also clean and lube the cables (replace if needed). Lastly I would check the valves in the head of the motor.

thanks alot, looks like i'll be recruiting some local help from some guys who do sidework!

my advise would be to learn as much as you can, and try to do as much work on your bike yourself as you can. i say this because your four stroke motocross bike, just like all others need more mainenece than you think. and relying on paying someone to do it for you well bit the wallet big time. alot of nice people on this site to help out.

what i do to season my bike (02 crf 450)

is grease all bearings,

lub all cables,

fresh engine/trans oil,

fresh oil filter/air filter

clean carb, gas filter,

new plug,

fresh antifreeze.

all bolts are tight

i like to keep everything fresh to insure sucsess. of coarse im not sure what you consider season. i ride my bike all year round, summer in the sand/winter in the snow and ice. i like to make sure the bike is overhauld at last ones a year for major seasonal maintence as well, such as

suspention seals/oil replaced,

engine valves are all spec'd,

all bearings replaced before wear starts,

piston ang rings if needed, four strokes last a nice while if maintence is kept up,

ill be here all day listing everyhting i do, lol so just basically replace anything damage or worn. the lovely ol manual well help you out/ people who enjoy answering your questions. enjoy ridding man.

I agree with the above. I'd also change the brake fluid and lube the caliper slides/pins. The kickstart lever bolt loosens occasionally, put some blue loc-tite on it and torque it to factory specs.

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