Gotta give it to GG

A friend of mine is a GG dealer and is my kids main sponsor for mx. Well he had a few GG's at the track last Sat. Well, all I can say it WOW!!!

Both my son and I took out an 2010 ec250 and 2008 300. Granted they are not an mx bike, but they did awesome. Him, his father (14 time nat'l champ) and brother are not an mx guys and supports the trials and woods stuff. But with my kids, he supports the mx. Granted, I don't do anywhere near the stuff I used to (30' double is about it) but I have to say these handled great, pulled extremely hard and felt as light as my sons KX125. I ride a KX250.

These were both on a stock suspension, both adjusted for a 200+lbs riders in the woods. I'm 165 and my son is 128

My son took out the 300 first, then the 250. Loved them both. Said the 250 corners better but the 300 flies through the air better. Granted, they don't have the hit of my 250 but the pull up into over-rev seemed to never end.

I guess Dave (owner) is supposed to see about a mx flywheel and 19" rear wheel and probably putting my son on one.

All-in-all, They are an awesome bike and If they ever import the MX versions, I "might" leave my green-machines.:cheers:

I have the 2010 GasGas 300 and play at mX and it's a lot better at it than me. In some drag races with a friend it has no problem putting a whippn on his 03 Honda CR250 (2-stroke). His Honda feels snappier with a good hit where my GG just pulls and keeps on pulling. I agree SAPPERS awesome bikes.

I'm waitin for some pics to be emailed. I'll post up as soon as I get them. Also, My son said it was easier to whip the 300 than his 125. He said, " CRAP, there's my wheel!!!"

Kids LOL gotta love them!

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