cannot find the answer

either i don't know how to search or there are no threads on this.

i need the proper jetting for a:


RM 265

Full PC exhaust

32:1 fuel mix

i posted this in the Suzuki 2 stroke forum but have not gotten any answers yet.

Thanks for any help.

What is proper for you may not be for anyone else due to your specific configuration, as far as airbox/intake mods, exhaust mods, elevation, temperature, humidity, and the premix ratio you run.

I think you'd get better response by giving all that info, plus current jetting, and saying what specific running problems you're having.

That's the thing. This is my first 2 stroke ever. I would have no idea if it was running rich lean or right on. I guess I'm used to 4 strokes where jetting is pretty consistant from model to model with the same mods at the same elevation.

My hope is just to make sure I'm not running to lean or anything like that. How do you know when jetting is good on a 2 stroke?

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