06 CRF450R Muffler re-pack

Do I have to re use the screen/mesh that's around the core, or can I just use the fiberglass material by itself like on my 2 smoker? Oh yeah, watch out drilling the rivets. The bit walked over and said HELLO to my left hand that was holding on to the can... :cheers:

i have no owned my crf 450 long enough to re pack the pipe yet, all i have done was on my older 2 strokers. But my advise when repairing/rebuilding anything on a motocross bike is to put it back the way it was. If it has the screen in it already, make sure to keep it there. replace anything that is damaged.

Re-packed the stock one today with the screen. I took apart the mangled Jardine RT4 that was on it & it didn't have a screen glad I kept the original coz can't afford new one

Thanks for the advice

glad to help, have fun riddin.

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