MOOSE air bleeders

I just bought and installed the MOOSE fork air bleeders and on the second day I have fork oil all over. Has anyone else had these and had a problem? Also I contacted MOOSE and there response was very quick and are being very proactive about solving the issue. It is rare to get the kind of customer service I have received from Shane @ MOOSE.

I have a set of air bleeders on my fork....They are not Moose, I got mine from Pit Posse. I know if your try to bleed them as soon as you get done riding....sometimes a little bit of oil will come out....After I race the first moto...I dont hit the bleeders till I get ready for the second moto.....

Moose are the best air bleeders we have found. We bleed them when the bike is on the stand and no pressure is on the front wheel. Best to wait a little while after a ride.

All good advice thank you, I wonder if it got stuck cause I hit it to soon? It was on the stand though and I didnt notice any oil till I came in from a moto.

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