wot bog

I recently rejeted on my 450x 05. 170 mj 55 leak, stock pilot, and ncvs needle. Over the weekend when racing my friend on a dirt road im going fast already I pinned it and it started missing. I backed off throttle slightly and it accelerated. What needs to be adjusted? Fuel mixture ,too big main.I have a r cam 05. aftermarket can, and air box is opened. Temp was 75 to 80 deg sunny lower humidity. This was the first chance I had to really open up the bike since rejetting.When I backed off throttle slightly it ran very strong pulling hard.

I'd say you either hit the rev limiter or jetting is still slightly lean. If you're sure it's not the limiter, try a 172 main jet.

Main jet is too big. On a 450, a 165 even a 160 might be a better choice.

Your stock header, stock porting, stock compression means 165 main max depending on altitude.

I'd go 160.

My '05 cam, DR D piped, Stage 1 porting likes a 170 under 3000 ft.

And add a merge racing pump linkage spring and a 55 leak jet for more throttle snap.

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