tire pressure

175 lbs, southern Indiana, dirt, mud, rocks, roots ruts. Still have the crappy OEM tire up front and a pretty fresh Dunlop 606 on back.

I'm running 16.5 up fron and 20 in back, which is the way the dealer had it. I've never chainged.

Any suggestions. I can re-inflates when i need to hit the road, which I don't do much of.

I'm often running about 12/13 front/back for trail riding. But busted a valve stem at this pressure and had to put in rimlocks. Bumped it up a couple psi this last weekend due to lots of rocks and fear of a pinched tube.

I ride mostly rocky trails and like 8 psi in the rear and 15 or so up front. At the dunes I'll drop the rear to 4-5 psi. This is with a Pirelli MT43 rear and MT21 front.

Do you have rimlocks?

Do you have rimlocks?

I have rimlocks now, after ripping out the valve stem. Now I need to balance the wheels as they really vibrate on the road, particularly around 35 to 45 mph, and another funny one that I can feel move from front to back at around 60. I hope shooter has them running as low as he does.

Yes, I run rim locks. Iwas shocked that it didn't have them from the factory. I tore the front vale stem off during an emergency braking manuver the second day I had the bike. I have been running the Toobliss kit for over a year now and like it.

12/13 back/front. haven't had a flat in over a year and haven't picked a tube either

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