Adjusting the throttle cable at the carb with the adjusting nut

What effect does the adjusting nut that secures the throttle cable to the carb top on a FCR carb do?

I am 99% sure it just is used to take slack out of the cable. If this is the case, why is there another adjuster at the other end of the cable where it enters the throttle grip? Is there any special "tuning" of these adjusters?


The correct way is to screw the bareel adjuster near the grip all the way together. Install the cables on the carb, lock them down, leaving a litle slack. Then usethe barrel adjuster to remove almost all of the slack (fine adjust).

Thanks William - just to clarify, by "fine tune" you mean tuning out most of the free play on the throttle grip - is that all that is being "tuned" ?

Thanks again - I like the procedure too.

No, not really. The threads on the cable lock nuts at the carb are kind of coarse, plus you have to catch the nut on one side. In any case, you could wrestle for ten minutes using them to get the cable just right. So instead, you get it 'close enough for government work' at the carb, then remove most of the rest at the inline adjuster. You have to have some free play in the cables, this is important. After you have it set up, turn the bars to the left and check then to the right. The freeplay should remain constant and consistent.

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