T-Connector removal

I'm try to remove everything from the frame on my 07 sx to get it prepped for powder coating. It's all apart but the T-connector and the hose connector (radiator hoses inside the frame). How in the hell does a person get these apart. Anybody done this before?

Yes. It requires a special removal tool, or the ability to make the removal tool.

I have a pic of the one I made somewhere. It's just a peice of round stock IIRC .625" dia, with three slots cut in it to engage the "ribs" on the down tube.

You can butcher a deep well socket with a dremel if you need it done soon.

a long handle 13mm allen works perfect also. make sure to locktite (blue) the connection when re-installing it.

Yes the allen socket worked just fine for me. I actually put some teflon tape when reinstalling as you're basically tearing everything apart if it leaks. Also, that needs to go in before installing the engine. I learned that the hard way and ended up putting the engine in twice. It sucks because the first time I got it in flawlessly w/o marring the new pow coat. Second time I banged something on the engine leaving a little scar on the paint (nothing worse than it will have a month after riding).

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