Advice/help appreciated

So I let my bike it over winter and it wouldn't start. Took it to a very reputable garage on Thursday and as it needed a few things I paid for them to:

Get it started

Clean the carb

Oil change

Replace chain and spockets

I had charged the battery on Wednesday so its fine.

Picked the bike up Friday, went for a ride with a friend, topped up fuel, all was well.

Cleaned the bike on Saturday, went to start it and it wasn't having any of it. I had to go away for the weekend but just tried again and it just wont start.

I normally have to give it a bit to get it started but its just dying as im hitting the starter/giving gas, as if the battery is dead. But I would have thought the battery was fine because i charged it fully.

Is there anything I could check? Or am I going to have to take it back to the dealer?

Oh, I haven't bump started it yet because I'm waiting for a friend to come round and help.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Replace the spark plug. Been there...done that. Mine was under warranty at the time. Replacing the plug was all they had to do.

Happened just like yours...after sitting idle all winter...really hard to start...once started it ran fine....until left to cool down again. Then may run the battery dead trying to get it to start again.

Replacing the spark plug is the one thing I forgot to get them to do. Ive tried before but its stuck so I couldnt get it out. Any tips on how to remove a stuck plug?

That would be the first thing I would check, the spark plug. Mutual bill explained it perfectly.

And when I changed mine I'm pretty sure I used a spark plug socket which you may have to get becAuse it like snaps on and grabs spark plugs cause it has a rubber gromet (sp?) in there.

Other then that, hope its a simple fix for u

Make sure you use the right size socket for the plug. Could try squirting a bit of wd40 round the base of it too.

Yea think it's 5/8 or 3/4. I forget correct me if I'm wrong

Yea think it's 5/8 or 3/4. I forget correct me if I'm wrong

5/8" in the US but its a 10mm in the UK :cheers:

A new plug is always a good thing. If your battery is not cranking long/fast enough, it might be toast. They really don't like to sit a long time in a discharged state. I've got a small charger that gets rotated between all my bike / boat/ sportscar / lawn tractor batteries all winter. Keeps 'em happy and fresh.:cheers:

You're battery is probably junk. Just because you charged it doesn't mean its good.

You're battery is probably junk. Just because you charged it doesn't mean its good.

That's what I'm thinking.

Also, what exactly did this shop do? Did they actually take the carb off disassamble & clean it? Most of us here have had to take one apart more than once to clean it right, especially if you are in a hurry and don't soak things overnight. Do you still have the same old gas in the tank? If so go get a bottle of Seafoam and dump the whole thing in there(probably not a bad idea either way).

If you bike is stock, I'd go ahead and do the 3x3 mod and re-jet. This will make starting much easier, not to mention more fun to ride:ride:

I assume it is cranking...and not starting. That would not be a battery issue.

I had the same problem as you. I left my bike in the garage all winter. Battery was toast. I hooked my dead battery up to some jumper cables and was able to start it that way and let it run for a while. Turned it off and then tried to start it again with the jumper cables removed-no go. Replaced the battery and it's running like a champ again.

Thanks for the reply guys. Changed the spark plug, still no start. In fact it felt like it was dying even more, to the point it was just getting the 'tickticktick' sound. I assumed It the battery was fine because the lights were fine, but i guess I'll go ahead and replace the battery!

get yourself a cheap volt meter and see if you have enough charge in the battery. the TICK-TICK-TICK sounds like not enough juice or crank to get the starter turning although the lights may be OK. Mine shows a minimum of 13volts when fully charged.

If it is turning over but not starting...your wasting money throwing a new battery in it.

Is that what you are having?

Well I had been charging my battery last night. So I put it in earlier and tried to start her up again. Its turning over now, but wont start.

save yourself the headache with all those guess work...get a volt meter.

check if you have current going through the spark plug. pull it out, connect it to the wire and lay it on the cylinder head where it won't fall. do not touch the spark plug and crank it and see if there is current. take note of the plug's condition if it is wet then we can assume there's fuel running through it.

if you are able to bump start it try that find a small hill or a drive way, just something safer than jump starting.

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