650L axle question

I just put tuned 400 forks on my 650L and the axle is not threading all the way through the left fork hole and doesn't seem to be as far in as it should be on the right side. I didn't think to look at it carefully before I took it out...:ride:

Screwing it into the threaded part it gets very tight before the axle appears to be far enough into the fork. On the left side the axle seems to be about 1/2 way through the threads, not close to flush or coming out of the screw hole.

Axle, spacers, they use the same parts, so why would would this be different?

The bike does have modifed CBR front wheel so the spacers are probably different but I'm using the same wheel, just the fork tubes are different.

?????????????????????????????? :cheers:

Could someone look their 650l and see how much the head of the axle sticks out from the fork?

And how far through the other fork the other end comes out.


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