2007 crf250 valves or jetting?

I just bought a 2007 crf250. I was told it had just had the valves gone through. When the bike has been sitting for a while it is hard to start but after it is warm it starts just fine. When first starting it you can hear a clicking in the head. after it's started you can't hear the same noise. Any Ideas? Power and everything on the bike seems really good when running.

Check your valves. You should post this in the CRF250 forum. The only people in here are maniacal anti-government types. They don't ride motorcycles.

I put 15 hours on my bike in 3 weeks and I'm in TS.

check the valves. The clicking is normal. Its the decmopression on the cam. When you hear the click you are at TDC.

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