Keep ramp in open bed

If I load my bike in my truck it's a short bed can't close the gate at all. What do you guys do to keep a ramp in a bed with open gate?

I turn mine and stand it up on it's side under my bike. I then run a tie-down through it. It acts as a gate for anything in the front half of the bed...gear bag, tool box, chair, etc.

turn it diagonal to the truck bed and it should fit.

Bike or board? It's a ridgeline it barely fits on the end of the gate.. Never tried it I assumed it wouldn't fit diagonal but you got me thinking. Not sure

rope or a ratchet strap to the bed

Sorry mine is a folding one...didn't think of that.

mine didnt fit either. i put it in diagonal as well and it works. if it doesnt fit, tie it down and hang it over the tailgate

I put the back tire of my bike on my ramp

Tie down hook on the foot peg and other end on the ramp. I usually have too much junk in the bed so I run a tie down from one stake pocket threw the hitch and hook on to the other side stake pocket. Kind holds the tailgate up at a 45 degree angle.

I've put mine in diagonally on it's side, put it under the rear tire, tied it down, etc.

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