Looking for a new pipe for my 2011 300XC! Any ideas

Im looking for a new pipe for my 2011 300xc. I've beat the crap out of the stock one! I'm also looking for a carbon fiber pipe guard that will fit the new pipe. Also I would like to find someone who can repair the stock pipe for a spare.

Any recommendations?

I put an FMF fatty on mine and pretty much everyone I knows runs it. From what I hear the gnarly does add more bottom and mid, but it greatly reduces the top end pull. Unless your a real big guy, I really don't see a need for any more bottom. I put a P3 guard on my 11 300 and it works very well and it will fit any OEM and FMF pipe. Just for reference my dad also has an 11 300xc and he has an E-line carbon fiber guard on his. He still has his stock pipe on and we switched pipe guards just to make sure that they are interchangeable which they were. What I noticed when I put the Fatty was no loss of power but it did take just a little bit of the mid range hit out of the power band which is a good thing in my opinion.** Also have heard that the pro circuit pipe is really good....just not sure on pipe guard compatibility.

Thanks, I just looked at the P3 guard and they have an "integrated Hose clamp" can you tell me the differences in that? How is the eline clamp?

I'll look at both bikes and let u know tomorrow.....it seems like the P3 guard is better built though

I can fix the old pipe. I can usually get the really smashed ones back to about 85-90%. I usually charge $25.00 to $30.00. I live in Arizona. If you are interested in shipping it to me, I can take care of it and ship it back.

Marshall 480-560-5532

put a factory fatty on it and you will not need a guard strongest pipe on the planet, note this is the same pipe as the fatty just stronger

Thanks, I just looked at the P3 guard and they have an "integrated Hose clamp" can you tell me the differences in that? How is the eline clamp?

All that means is that the clamp is not as visible as an external clamp. The P3 guard is a work of art and as tough as nails. Unless you get a 5 year old E-Line guard, they are cheap, flimsy, crap. E-Line used to made by P3, that's when they got there reputation for making a solid product. Then one day they decided to ship their production to China. :smashpc:

I have a P3 guard on my 2008 300 and it still looks new and my pipe is dent free.

the p3 guard is sweet, I have one on my 2008 300 as well and it has taken all the abuse I have put it through between logs and rocks, awesome product

Crud..... I have a crappy one then :smashpc:

motocrosspiperepair dot com for the repair

another P3 owner on my 11' 300xc with factory pipe, happy with that setup

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