crf250x power

I just got my 250x a couple weeks ago and was wondering what i could do to it to get more power and speed up top. As far as performance parts on the bike, i have a fmf powercore 4. and im thinking about getting the mega or power bomb. but i dont know if its worth it. is it? what else can i do?:cheers:

What year? Speed comes from gearing. Power makes the gearing you choose work.

Jd jet kit , ap mod, send carb to Tokyo mods, get ur suspension revalved

i have an 07

Have u done ccc mods like open air box and pink wire mod, stage 2 cam,

does the airbox mod and pink wire mod really do much?

Airbox mod makes a big difference pink wire mod only does with aftermarket cam

does the airbox mod and pink wire mod really do much?

Air box mod only helps if you rejet. For starters if your bike is stock I would do the airbox mod, some sort of exhaust mod, and rejet accordingly. 2rRacing makes a great replacement exhaust tip that will give you the most bang for your buck. If you have money to spend you can do aftermarket slip on. The pink wire mod only changes the rev limiter setting by raising it 200 rpms. You will only be allowing the engine to rev higher but the power peaks before that level anyway. No gain. If you are after more speed you will have to change your gearing. This mods will give you a little more power to pull the taller gear. The 07' and earlier can gain from cam change but cost more. Start with the other mods first and go down a few teeth on rear sproket. You can always add the cam later. $200 bucks and you can have her rockin!

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