Will this front fork work?

95 96 97 KX 100 Front Forks Suspension

It has both triple trees but no wheel or brake parts....

if so will the drz wheel and brake work?

I have a 97 KX100 front end on my bike... Im running the DRZ wheel and brake disk but the KX Front brake caliper.

Hope this helps.

is it worth swaping?

Totally worth it! what do you weigh? You may need springs as well...

Are you starting with the "L" version or the small wheel version? If you're starting with the small wheel version, I'd try to find the whole front end, including brakes, as well as the swing arm, wheel and brake before you get started.

Otherwise, I think you'll be happy in the end.

it is an L version, and i weigh 165...

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