Need to change my bike setting

Hi guys, Its been a log time from my last post to the forum, I need help with my bike this time

It´s a 2010 YZ450, it has GYTR exaust system and other minor stuff. I ride every weekend and all people in muy gpoup have enduro bikes, such Wr, crf X, etc, I´m the only one on a Motocrosser, and it´s strarting to be a pain in the ass for me, I love the bike, best thing I ever rode, but I can´t go slow on it, and sometimes I need to go slow. What can I do?, change the rear sproket for a bigger one? Any one had this problem? I don´t want to sell it, in the fast stuff is amazing no one can keep un with me but when it comes the slow part I´m screwed.

Sorry form my bad spelling but it´s been a long time from my eanglish school.


The ultimate cures for this are both expensive. Since the transmission is the same as the '06, that means you can swap in the gearbox from a '07 or later WR450, which has a wide ratio, enduro pattern ratio set with a lower low gear (lower than you can get with any really practical sprocket set) and a higher 5th gear. In the US, that would be somewhere around $500.

The other thing is a Rekluse auto clutch. The Z-Start Pro is probably the best choice for your use. It essentially does an expert job of working the clutch at all times while you focus on other stuff. They run close to $700 here.

A cheaper option is to use a taller rear sprocket and a heavier flywheel. My bike use to stall alot too in tight single track. I threw on a 51 tooth rear sprocket and the GYTR heavy flywheel and that cured the issue, along with proper clutch work.

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