Many thanks for everyone's help.

Hey Guys! Finally found time to get my beast together for the Buddy Ford school last weekend even though I only made it on Sunday. Many thanks to everyone out there who helped me directly or indirctly by asking need to know questions. This site has made a large difference in my ability to be self reliant in rebuilding my bike. I bought used and only found out later that the bike was thrashed. I got taken but made it though in part thanks to all your help. Will post photos next week. Bike is set up with 420 kit, e-series 12 disc pipe/high boy header, Ceet graphics,renthal bar, Acerbis plastics with vented plate, 14/50 gearing, 180 main and lengthened clutch actuator ( by 6 mm ) I basically delved into the bike and rebuilt it part by part just short of splitting cases. Could not of done it with out your help and this site.

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