04 yz450f tune up

Hey guys! I am doing the valves and timing chain due to the chain snapping when my friend was riding my bike and rev limitered for a bit too long, any places in canada for cheap valve kits and should i be doing seals, guides, springs (the whole nine yards)?. Also am doing a tune up, any recommendations on best spark plug , suspension set-up for 235lb rider, and anyway to get some more juice out of it? this is my trail/play bike don't want to sink a whole lot into it.

Thanks for some help

So, you have a YZ450 that snapped a timing chain at high revs and the engine is not entirely destroyed? Is that right?

If you bent the valves, you will most likely need guides. Have it evaluated by the machine shop that does your valve seats for you. And yes, seals and springs. Too cheap not to do.

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