I read on a previous post that you lengthend your clutch actuator lever. Did you take it off the bike to do this or did you cut it on the bike and weld in the spacer on the bike? How's it holding up? I read you did 6mm, is that right?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

Hey Chris, hows that top end of yours? :) Sorry , had to ask! Yeah I took the actuator out, no big deal, just undo your clutch plates, pull out the rod a bit and go over to the mag side and pull out. There are needle bearings inside but they seem to stay put. Just be careful I guess and maybe put a dab of grease just to make sure they stay there while you have the actuator out. What I did is add a piece of 1/8'' crs underneath and filled the new 6mm gap with weld. Do not go longer or the actuator arm will hit the cases. I ground eveything smooth after and applioed a coat of Tremclad silver paint. I learnt that you have to jump with the clutch in over the weekend so this does help lighten the feel.

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