what is the top speed of a 450

I have a 2006 YZ450 im wondering what is the top speed "MPH" on this bike?

If any one has toped it out what was you best all around gear slection ( spocket size front of rear ). Im setting this bike up for desert racing & besides changing out the trans gears with WR450 gears what would the all around spocket sizing be best for desert racing- TOP SPEED & TIGHT SECTIONS ?

My 06 was clocked last year at 141km/h (84 mph) when running side by side with my buds WR who had a speedo. My sprockets were 13T front and 50T in the back......now I have a 49T in the back so I'm sure I could squeeze a couple more MPH.

All be it we were flying down a gravel road so there was a little wheel spin and I don't know how accurate his speedo was so this is more an estimate than actual.

I run desert races with my '06, and I run it at 13/48. I also run a Rekluse Z-Start Pro clutch which helps enormously with the tight stuff and the "little surprises" some of the D38 clubs like to toss into the mix. It's more expensive than a WR trans (which is an excellent swap, BTW), but it's much easier to install.

With this set up, I run out of gear only on the fastest lake bed sections, and it would be nice not to have that happen, but it's not a real big problem. Not so many of those sections included usually. Mainly, I don't like running it at 10K with the throttle rolled back for a quarter mile at a time.

I suppose, with the Rekluse, I could get away with a 47 or something like 14/50, but it works well enough for me as is that I'm not strongly motivated to address the matter.

On my 2008 with stock gearing 88mph on a paved road as per my gps. If i would of had the flux capaciters working i could of gone back to the future!

Not quite the reply you're seeking, but after this weekend the stock geared YZF is dead even with our late 80s CR500 which has absolutely no over-rev (where is that larger main jet??). Feels like a 4000rpm redline. :cheers:

My stock 2006 YZ450 ran a consistant 86 on Soggy dry lake bed in Johnson Valley using a hand held GPS. Weather was Cooooold!!!

15-50 near 100mph gravel not good for tight sections though

I have tried 13-49 13-50 and 15-50 i think 14-50 is what i am going for next because the bike just doesn't hit the rev limiter with 15-50 so i would recommend 14-50 also with a 15 tooth front you have to remove the case saver

My 09 tops at 88-89 with stock sprockets on pavement. Speed was recorded with hand held GPS, double checked with gps on my phone. Phone had it at 88mph

I was getting I believe 120kph with 13/50 if I remember correctly..

16/23 gear 107 on radar gun!! Not hitting rev limiter! What a ride.

For those who think the bike will go faster if it's geared to hit the rev limit, bear in mind that the bike makes upward of 4 more horsepower at 10,200 then it does at 11,500.

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