99 WR400 stator/lighting questions...

well i've searched and searched but couldn't find anything... i have this post and i think i'm gonna go with the trail tech but i was wondering if the stator made enough power to light it up. I've seen people rewind them to make it push more wattage but i've never done it, is it something i'll need to do?

IIRC, you are pretty much limited to about a 35w headlight bulb without modifications to the stator and/or electrical system.

99 WR400 stator is good for 100 watts.

99 WR400 stator is good for 100 watts.

Thought it was 80W. The 2000+ WR's at 120W.

99 WR400 stator is good for 100 watts.

So that light will work? The one on it now is pretty dim does it need to be cleaned or rewound?

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