where to ride in SoCal

Picking up my new YZ426F on Saturday and looking for a place close to break it in. I live in Orange County. Any ideas? Also since the bike id red stickered any ideas of some places to ride this summer.


I now the track isn't the best place to break it in but I'll be at Lake Elsinore on Sat. if you're interested. As for breaking it in I'm only familiar with the SoCal desert areas which are definately out for summer riding. They also aren't really close depending on what you think of as close. I to need to learn about summer riding areas for a red sticker since this is my first summer with one.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

BTW welcome to thumper talk. if you're interested in riding some SoCal tracks let me know, I try to get out at least one day every weekend. I could also suggest trying to get in touch with SoCal Ron on this forum, he does a lot of trail riding and lives in Hunnington Beach if I remember right. He's a great guy to ride with.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

Also check out proride.com for the local SoCal scene.

If you want to drive south to San Diego, go out the 8 to Buckman Springs rd. Turn rt and follow the road to Lake Morena. There are some great trails out there, and it is in the Mountains so it does not get crazy hot. Also, try Big Bear, go past the turn to the ski resorts to Edge of The World road (it's something like that or just ask directions) take that all the way back and there are multiple riding areas.

Have fun!!!

Check out Red Rock State Park and Jawbone Canyon on the 14 outside of mojave. The rangers do patrol often on the busy weekends but have been fairly civil in our encounters.

You could call the Jawbone canyon Station for Red/Green sticker specifics. Huge riding area, and I mean huge! All terrains and altitudes, awesome hill climbs. Hope to be there weekend of the 11th. Distance about 2.5-3 hours from orange county. Overnight camping a good option.

Well, it's been a while since I've been down there but I used to go to either Willow Springs (just outside the track there is a bunch of op0en land with some hills and some desert-type trails...

Or, for a quicky, I'd go to Templeton Hwy. If you go north on 5 for about 1hr it's a very visible sign...from the 5 you head down into a big canyon and at the bottom there's some really cool riding and it's close to town.

I never saw a ranger at Willow and can't say I've seen one at Templeton either.

Happy Trails...


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