WR426 Carb

Hay guys my memory is slipping here and I can't find the answer. :cheers: Did 2001 and 2002 WR426 share the same carb?

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Looking at the assembly part numbers there must be some differences. The 01 lists p/n 5NG-14101-00-00 and the 01 lists p/n 5NG-14101-50-00. I wonder what changed?

I can't say for sure, but a lot of times if the standard jet sizes change, something as minor as that will change the overall part number. Found this with my YZ250f. Body, slide and all important stuff was identical, but one of the jets was different on a carb two years older.

You may be exactly right! I work for a Japanese car company and they love to make minor changes and create more parts for us to stock. :ride::cheers:

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