Seta cover installation

Any tips on seat cover installation? I will be installing a gripper by Ceet over weekend and need to know right way. Do you use stainless steel staples, a special kind of gun to get into recesses, etc. ?

I just installed a Ceet gripper cover on my YZ400. I didn't bother with stainless staples (I replace cover and couple times a season so rust isn't a problem). I tried using electric and air staplers without much luck (they would just bend or shoot off at an angle). I ended up using a hand stapler with 3/8" straples. I also went around the seat about 2 times removing the first staples and streatching the seat cover tighter the 2nd time. These staples would not bend and if the hand stapler didn't shoot all the way into the seat I could use a scew driver and finnish pushing the staples in.

The end result was very good. Not a single wrinkle. It was not a quick process by any means though.


I tried an electric stapler and it didn't work so I resorted to a hand stapler also. I also left the cover out in the sun for awhile to let it warm up and that made it stretch tight a little easier. I too have no wrinkles!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

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