02' WR 426 Value

I've decided to sell my 02' WR 426. Its plated in Mich has around 500mi and is in mint condition. Just didn't have time to ride it. Could someone tell me how much its worth? NADA says avg retail is 1,700. Makes me cringe considering what I paid for it and how little I rode it. I was hoping for a little over 2,000 is that too much?

All depends on what your local market is doing, also any extras that might come with it. Around here they are going for about $1800~2300.

Back in Nov. I gave $1700 for a 2001 WR426. It still had the original tires in decent shape too, looked like it was NEVER dropped and came with bark busters, FMF Powercore, frame guards and a few other extras, this was by far the cleanest used dirt bike I'd looked at out of 15 or so. The guy had it on consignment at a local shop all last summer for $2300. At the end of the season they told him to come get it, I stopped by the shop looking for a bike and they said they knew a guy who had a nice one for sale. Went over and looked at it and offered him $1700 he said NO less than $2000. I said okay, good luck selling it! About an hour later he called me up and said he'd take my offer.

Hope that helps! You may be able to get around $2000 since it's more in season now. Mine is not plated either.

Depends on market Here in CA I almost bought one 100% clean EXCELLENT condition with all the "WR mods" for $2500 so i guess it depends on the area. I bought my 02 YZ426 for 2100...

How hard is it to plate a WR in Mich? In Cali, you can't anymore, so a legit, legal Cali plate adds about 500 to the price...

Not hard at all when I did it. Not sure if anything has changed since 2004 when I plated it.

I bought a clean 02 WR426 two years ago in Central California for $2200. It came with the original tires and had less than 500 miles. I think it'll be hard to get above $2000 for an 02 especially in this economy. Just my 2 cents. :cheers::ride:

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