JD Jet & Needle Kit Rocks

Friday picked up some parts and the dealer told me the race was tomorrow and not a week tomorrow as I had thought.....eeeekkk....no boss in that day so took a short notice half day vacation to fix her up for the race.

Remedies needed.....put back on the Stroker (running with Euro pipe), rejet, remove headlight & stand etc.

So fixed on the stroker and tried to go back to my Taffy jetting + 8 on the main jet. Uggghhh. Low end is Ok but top end just dies. Baffled, (it worked great before) I change clip position and same thing.

JD kit is patiently sitting on the shelf waiting....I didnt want to put it in as I was unsure if I could make the adjustments in time on my Euro bike as the original jetting is made to work with the Euro can, which is quite choked.

Anyway, getting no joy with the jetting that previously worked, I decide to take the plunge and fit the JD kit.

Reinstaleld the correct MAJ and PAJ, put in the red needle on clip 4, opened up the bottom and lo and behold couldnt find the 158 MJ I had screwed in....well as it turned out I hadnt screwed anything in !!! What a &%%ç for brains...no longer the WOT didnt work. Anyway with JD kit mostly installed I forged on, put in the 170 MJ and 48 PJ.

Fired up first time. Amazing performance. Then it died. Awww damn....anyway must have been some dirt in the carb because once it had cleared it was amazing performance right through the entire range. Simply amazing.

Race started at 4 pm next day and the bike just ripped the whole time without any shudders, blurps or whatever. I used to stall relatively frequently in the slow sections but not Saturday.

The only downside to the whole thing was that I didnt install it sooner. Taffy jetting was good for me but this really is a notch better.

:D :D :D :D :):D



Thanks for the ride report. I'm glad to see the kit is working well for you.

James :)

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