DRZ400-S Price

Hi, I'm looking to buy a New DRZ400. This really caught my attention


I was wondering how much people are paying if your buying New. I have done a lot of Google-ing and this forum keeps coming up so i joined. I seen a thread on how much people paid for the SM and it looks like most got it $500 below sticker.

So an 09 DRZ400S MSRP $6,099 - $1,000 = $5,099. That seems like a really good deal. Should i try and low ball it a little more? I'm just trying to get a feel for it since i don't want to pay too much. Thanks for your help

sucks that it only applies to 2009 and prior drz's, of which my local dealer can't find anymore.

5000 is pretty good for a brand new bike. Keep in mind they will usually tack on destination/dealer fees that are usually around 500.

the out the door price is the real target. taxes, destination, build, etc. add up quick. i haggled your price out the door, it just takes patience and determination. remember that this is a want, not a must have. i also had them throw in the helmet and suzuki rack for my bucket. the accesories are marked up by at least 50 percent in most cases, so they are not losing a whole lot of profit margin by throwing them in. i only regret that i didnt make them include a free 600 mile maintenance.

I paid 5400 OTD here in CT, for my brand new 09, that was including 6% sales tax, set up, registration and all the other nonsense jazz, i think the bike itself was 4700 range.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the tips!

I seen a DRZ on the road a while back for sale. 2001 with 4500 miles on it for $2800. The guy was in his 60's and laid it down and broke his leg. After that his wife told him he had to sell it. 2800 seems overpriced so i started looking at new ones and seen the 1k off deal.

My wife's not too happy i want a motorcycle but she knows im going to buy one anyway :cheers:

I just got my 2009 DRZ400 SM for $5083 out the door with 6% sales tax and all other fees after a bit of negotiating. The SM listed for $6699 so I would think if you could find a 08 or 09 S model in inventory somewhere you should be in the $4500 -$4600 range out the door.

Remember the coupon has been extended through May 31st and you can get 1.99% with the deal. Now start shopping before they all get gone.


My wife's not too happy i want a motorcycle but she knows im going to buy one anyway :ride:


I'm in the same boat. I just told her she could take out some extra life insurance on me, which seemed to make her happy :p

My dealer had an '09 in stock for a long time and really wanted to turn it, so it was marked down to $5,499 on the floor. I came in with the Suzuki Rebate Coupon in March, while they were still in the snowmobile business and not thinking about bikes yet, and they knocked off the additional $1,000. $5,076.00 OTD I think I got a great deal, thanks Suzuki! I had my eye on that bike since last summer and they made the deal too sweet to pass up.

Now start shopping before they all get gone.

Wow i have been checking around and i think there all gone in Cali :cheers:

So out of the 3 closest dealers around me only 1 has a DRZ650SE. No one seems to have any drz400s let alone '09s. One dealer said its going to be a tough year for bikes due to whats happening in japan. Another dealer told me he should be getting some in about a week (not sure if he was telling the truth). I have been checking craigslist often for used but im not really mechanically inclined to fix major problems if something goes wrong. I would rather buy new with a warranty and know how often the bike was serviced and taken care of.

so if i buy new, in the spring, how much lube are we talking about here :thumbsup:


Man... i think im burned out looking on the internet this past week. The only other bike i kinda liked was the klr650 but it looks like it only plays in the dirt on weekends.

Going to be doing a little leg work. Thought i would just post it here for the lurkers.

Sales tax here is 8.75%

DRZ400 OTD Prices for 2011

Madera Suzuki (Getting some in a few weeks)


Clawson Motorsports (1DR650SE '11. No DRZ400s. Sales told me there going to be hurting for bikes this year due to whats going on in japan.)


Merced Powersports Suzuki (Nothing in stock)


Sanders Motorsports (Next month)


Tulare Suzuki (1DRZ400-s '11 7236.11 OTD)


Tracy Motorsports (DRZ400-s 8000 OTD. 1 used '08 3kmiles $4600 OTD)


Picked up a 2011 DRZ400s a month ago. 5878.00 OTD with a free 600 mile check. $6199.00 is retail. I don't think I got a great deal but I don't feel I got hosed either. There is a shortage of them, it was the first 2011 they received, and they said it would be another 6 months "if" they received another one (lie or thruth? you know salemen). But I do have a great dealer! I have visited on my bike twice since I purchased it and both times they have taken the keys away from me and washed the bike for me. Last time they lubed the chain also......free! I am very happy with my purchase and my bike!


The only other bike i kinda liked was the klr650 but it looks like it only plays in the dirt on weekends.

If you plan to ride anything more than hard packed dirt roads stay far away from the KLR.

Well i drove to Clawson today to check out the KLR650 (before i seen your post dave). I guess they were telling fibs on the phone because i walked up to a brand new DRZ400s sitting by a brand new DR650SE. I asked them if the one on the floor was sold because they told me they didn't have one in stock. They didn't know so they got me a sales person and he was ready to make a sale.

I asked him how much OTD I was ready to buy today. I can put 5k down, 1k on a CC and you can add the CC fee on top if need be. He said he could write it up for his boss and the worst that can happen is he says no. He wrote it up and came back with 7400. I told him no thanks. He asked if i had any other offers and i told him about the 7200 quote. I also told him otdcyclesports quoted 5900 (i think that was back in 09 though). He told me i definitely couldn't get it for that price OTD, maybe if they were going out of business or something. He then told me he would match the 7200 price. I again told him no thanks and i might try again after summer.

I just cant see myself paying 7k for a bike that has nothing new since the 09 version. I also don't want to haggle down the dealer where there not making money. My bike is going to need some service and i want to be treated well when i come back. I got in my car and the sales guy came running out and offered 7k even. Still too high for me.

I would be totally happy with 5878.00 OTD or even 6k but i don't think it will happen in cali. I remember last time i bought a used bike from them without haggling. I was really young and didn't know you could talk them down. No wonder the guy was so happy offering me soda and chips while we signed the paperwork.

and the search continues...

Hey Lordy, just wanna give you some props and motivation. I've been following along and your doing it right man. Doing your research and not settling and jumping the gun just cause you want it. I just hope you left your name and number with an OTD price so when it doesn't move they give you a call. I got a buddy who did that and got called a month later and got it for his price. Cali is gold for craigslist (i search even though I'm in Hawaii) but I see you want the maintenance taken care of from the dealership. Make sure to keep checking the list though, the right one might pop up.

$5-6 grand is just enough for TWO drzs, all farkled up, in very good condition. why stick with just one ?

then insurance, I'm assuming you'll finance, meaning higher insurance....

then you'll have to loctite fix everything right off the bat...

then you'll drop it and think you need new xyz's to make it better...

skip all that, just buy used/farkled and riiiiiiiiiiiide !

I jumped and paid $7,400 out the door $6,100 on the floor until you include stealer fees , I did however get a new jacket and helmet. 2011 S model and 2K more for mods since.

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