How much $ spark arrester fine

Anyone know how much the forestry service will fine you for if you don't have a spark arrester? I've been told they don't care too much where I'm currently planning on ridding, but want to make sure I can handle the amount just in case they do care and I get the hammer.

Thanks in advance!


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Just buy the darn spark arrestor. There are many high quality offerings to choose from. The cost may not be more than the fine and they don't really hinder performance at all.

Most move the power around and smooth it out.

Just my two scents.


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Whats the arrestor to get?


I ride mainly track so the first year (99) I went without. Last spring I loaded up the whole family drove 4 hours to Stoneyford, got there late, setup camp, woke up, geared up, warmed up the bike, just about to do some epic trailbustin' and POW! the ranger came along with his coat hanger and clipboard. He said he would impound my bike :) and fine me if I did'nt leave. Needless to say it was a long drive home and I was embarrassed that I'd not taken care of it prior to the trip. On the way home I picked up the WB e-Series pipe and header and (a couple more ponies). Soooo, anyway I'm not sure if he was B.S.'n me but I did'nt want to stick around and find out. Get the pipe.


Lez Ride!


<font color="navy">One of my buddies I go riding with was caught by the DNR without a Sparky. The fine was $75 here in Michigan. It might be different where you are



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