KX250 or YZ426

whats up everyone, im trying to decide between a 2001 yZ426 or a 98,99,2000 KX250. my friend keep telling me to get a used bike because ill be replaceing parts and working on it anyway and the fact that it will already have new bars and pipes and stuff. but im really wanting the 2001 yz426. so i wanted to get everyones opinions. tell me what you think i should do!

Well you're going to get a biased opinion about the YZ426 on this sight but anyways. The 426 is way more versatile and compatible for lots of different terrains. It will definately hold it's own on the track. I has power everywhere in the RPM window so you don't have to always be in the power band. You just twist the throttle. If you're used to 2strokes you'll have to learn to ride the 4stroke which can be frustrating but well worth the effort. Everyone says that the weight is a deal but I personally don't see this as a problem.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

I had a 00 kx 250 and now have a 01 426 It seems to me any bike you get you will be the same rider 125 250 426 yam kaw suz etc.

Maint. is the same weight is no issue I went with one because they are the wave of the future.

This seems to be a common question. High Power 2-stroke or 426? If you have youth, skills, and/or desire to ride like a pro motocrosser buy the 2-stroke. The problem with those bikes is that the things that make them good also make them bad. Razer sharp acceleration, quick turning, lighter weight etc...can also be reasons why not to buy a bike.

The 426, on the other hand, has been classified as the "lazy man's motocrosser"...but they sure don't feel that way. They are a very forgiving motorcycle (compared to 2-strokes), and once you master the 4 stroke characteristics, in many instances they give you advantages (engine braking, for instance, is wonderful coming off a big jump into a tight turn). They simply don't tire you out as much yet perform exemplary in all situations. The measly 20 or so extra pounds is more than recovered by having more stable handling conditions (in the air and on the ground), no need to mix oil and gas, going longer between maintanence intervals, and tracktable,usable, and longer reving power. Not to mention resale.

Biased opinions yes. But I have owned a YZ125, a KX250, and a number of race (road) bikes. And the YZ is the first bike I owned that I never wanted more.

These things are such a personal choice. What works for one, may not work for another. Personally, I was looking for the "fun factor". I'm too old to worry about winning races against 18 year olds so I opted for the hot rod 4-stroke with excellent suspension and have no regrets. I would never bash 2-strokes as those things are dirt bikes as well, but the 4-stroke sound and feel appeals to me the most. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If I were you, I'd select the bike that best fills your wants, needs, and expectations.

i want to race sooner or later (for fun) i had a 2stroke a long time ago. and id like to get a 2001 yz426 but my friends are giving me junk about the fact that its a "new bike" and expensive. that doesnt bother me though. anyway im looking for a bike with good suspension and handling. which is why i thought the 426 would be good.

oh and if anyone knows where to get some REALLY cool graphics for the 2001 yz426 please tell me. ive checked out some of n-styles and ceet's and all of them mainly and i cant really decide on one or find one i really like.


I ride a '99 KX250 quite often. My main riding buddy has one, we trade off now and then with my '00 426. He has a FMF Gnarley pipe, reeds and that is about it. My 426 is bone stock with a couple of slight carb adjustments. I am not sure of your riding style, but for me..... I have ridden off road for almost 25 years besides a 8 year break before last year. I used to race when I was young and skinny, my last bike I raced was a YZ 250. Enough background. The simple answer to the questions everyone asks is smoothness. The window of usable power is huge compared to the KX 250. In all areas but one (full out drag at slow speeds) the YZ 426 will kill it. The close ratio trans of the KX makes it wind out extremely fast. There is no high speed race, he winds out and I still have gears to go. In the woods I can take it as easy or as fast as I would like. On the KX you still have that small window of usable powerband that makes it less user friendly. Even things like judging speed for doubles on a MX track is easier with the 426 because the adjustment is done by a slight feel of the throttle. Just two weeks ago I was riding the KX, trying to show my buddy that it COULD be done with HIS bike. It was considerably harder to keep in the "right" speed when coming to the take off jump. A little too much and I hit the powerband too hard and over shot it, a little too little and I bogged and came up short. Not fun. Bottom line, unless you are an expert rider the 426 will make you very happy.

Hope this helps


It's ALL personal opinion when it comes to choosing bikes. I reccomend riding both at the same track at the same day to decide which one you like the most. all bikes are built different, and you may prfer one over the other. and dont limt your self to the yzf or Kawi. try to ride all of them Suz, Hon, Yam, and Kawi. dont let your friend choose what you ride, every body likes different flavors.

oh yea, i havent got my 426 yet, but i have been very diligently checking out after market parts and the such. it seems to me that One-Industries maks the best plastics/ graphics.

just ask my tow friends that bought the 01 kx just about 3 months ago about 2wks apart.

One had the susp linkage bolt come loose and destroy everything .......he went to replace the bolt and discovered that it had ruined the linkage/bearings and everything else.

He went to borrow the stuff off of his bro's 01 and found that the thing was just about to come apart too. only about 2 threads left to come undone and the same would have happened.

Kawi want to help out exactly $0.

there is Quality and Customer Service for you!

Ride BLUE my friend!


YELLOW with Yamaha Stickers!!!!!!!!!!






That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

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