Local cop lets me off!

Was being stupid, no doubt about it.

Irazu and I had spent most of the day Saturday on our bikes, and we were headed home, when I noticed a nubile young lady in front of us, looking fresh and clean in her new Acura, and I noticed that she was checking out our bikes. We were in the middle of town, speed limit 25, climbing a steady hill, and I thought that was a perfect spot to show her how dented my skidplate was, so I lifted the front end, and was following her up the hill, irazu to my side.

ALL OF THE SUDDEN, Johnny J. Law crests the hill, heading down, and he caught me dead-to-rights! I dropped the front end back to the pavement, sat down, and he was in the process of turning around, so I just pulled over. So did irazu. He came up and said "You picked the wrong time to pop a wheelie, didn't you?"

"Yes" I acknowledged.

He asked me for license and registration, so I produced it. He checked it out, handed it back, and told me to keep it cool.

Whew! I lucked out, deserved the ticket, but caught a break. Been a while, and I appreciate it.

Thanks buddy!

Wipe your mouth.... you got a little crusty somethin' in the corner...... :D

:D :D :):D :D :D

Lucky dog........how'd all the repairs turn out on the bike?

Did you get the digits off the Acura girl??????????? :)

LOL You got wayyyyy to lucky. I never would have gotten away with that.

Now dont make me tell your g/f youve been showing off! You'll be in more trouble than that cop ever could have gave you. :)

There was a female cop riding along, and she was in my ear hard with the "Your bike has no turn signals! You need to get down to the DMV and get the phamphlet to see what is legal and what is not..."

I did not want to argue with her, but my bike was illegal not because it did not have turn signals, because those are not required in WA state. BUT, metal tanks, TWO rear-view mirrors and a working horn ARE.

I got lucky and I know it.

As for the cutie in the Acura, that was for irazu! Actually, I think he is spoken for too, so we were just saying "hi"!


BlueThunder: Repairs FINALLY came together Friday night. Got my radiator back from Mylers, and it was good to go. Your rad guard fit perfect, so that sealed that part up. Plastic guards on the brake and rear caliper, and I was back in action.


(I passed on the right-hand side DEVOL guard to SECKS (username), so your great deed went farther than expected. SECKS and I both thank you very much!)

This story emits our experience with the college age "hotties" that we met out on the West Bank of Cresent Bar! Oh, what a great weekend to be on a dirtbike!

Isnt it Great to Be free in America :)

Metal gas tanks are hogwash, The majority of new vehicles have plastic gas tanks on them now! Why should a bike be any differant?


I got pulled over years ago by an Arapahoe County Sheriff in Aurora Colorado. We had picked up some girls on our sport bikes and were riding wheelies with them on the back.

This cop sees us from a ways off and came up behind us at a light. Pulls us over and has my buddy and I walk to the back of the car. He gives us this look and says "You boys need to start thinking with your big heads instead of your little heads". Then he starts rattling off all these law's we'd broken and how a 42 point ticket would mean we had no license for 3 years, etc.

Don't know exactly what happened next but he said he didn't want to see us doing anything like that again and left. I couldn't believe it. Maybe he was thinking to himself "There's no way these guys are going to get any now and that's punishement enough" :)

Wow, I would think quite the contrary... The chicks would be all over you after getting almost busted by the law, only to walk away without a scratch. :) It's almost like a free "now go get layed" card. :D


Yea, thats true. Look at Tommy Lee.

Maybe he was thinking to himself "There's no way these guys are going to get any now and that's punishement enough" :)

Wow, I would think quite the contrary... The chicks would be all over you after getting almost busted by the law, only to walk away without a scratch. :D It's almost like a free "now go get layed" card. :D


LOL, the funny thing is most towns/states dont specificly have laws againt a good wheelie! As long as your doing the speed limit anyway. :D . That being said they usally call it wreckless driving and few judges would argure :) . I knew of a guy that said he got a ticket once for doing a standing burn out at a light, he fought the ticket and won becuase it was written up as esessive display of acceleration or some thing like that and the guy was like, I never moved and inch.

LOL, the funny thing is most towns/states dont specificly have laws againt a good wheelie!

Honestly, that is KINDA what I felt got me off! I was not speeding and I was not accelerating. There were about 5 cars in a row heading up the hill, and I simply blipped the trottle and lifted the front end, and the incline of the hill was all I needed to keep the front end up.

Either way, I crossed the line and I know it. It is just SOOOOO tough sometimes to ride on the streets like a responsible person.

"But, Mr. Officer, I can drive WAY crazier than this!"

Don't think that one would have gone over very well.


It's pretty safe for you to assume I'm not Tommy Lee and no we didn't get any. The girls were kinda pissed off and freaked out.

Around my parts they would call it either wreckless driving or exhibition driving. Usually it is called the later because it almost always sticks as exhibition driving if they want it to. That one got me once many years ago.


Appreciate your good luck.

One of my buddy can do really loooonnng wheelie. He does, I mean used to do it all the time. He rides the street version of the drz 400 with an after market pipe and metzeler sport tires. And he likes to show off, just for fun. He got a ticket based on reckless "riding" and it cost him 6 points and more than $400.00 cdn. As a bonus the local cops know his name, where he works and lives, he has moved in this town 3 months ago. :D

And a good minded citizen :D tried to film his "stunt" to hand out to the police because he was bothered by my buddy's riding style .

Meanwhile a 60 year old drunk driver ran over 3 kids walking out of a bar, because they didn't want to drive under the influence of alcool. He killed an 18 years old boy and drove with the injured body of this boy trapped on the windshield of the car for more than an hour before being arrested.

Weird world :)

It's not like the cops weren't young and did silly things in their day....Oh wait, some of us are and still do :) We do have hearts though, like the 5 kids I COULD have busted the other day, 4 were drinking underage and one contributing. Punks got out of the woods the next day with a campfire ticket, (and no alcoholic beverages...remember how we would almost cry when the cops told us to dump it? They looked like that.) not something that would go on their driving record. They talked s@#$ the whole time I was writing them until I told them what I COULD do, since four fire trucks responded to the smoke report. For those of you living in states that are burning, you might understand. Jonny Law being nice guy that day :D

Where was your luck when a few months ago an AZ DPS officer wrote me up for doing 73 in a 65? Saturday morning, 8:30 AM, clear day, light traffic, slow lane, cruising down the interstate in my Toyota Tacoma. I was informed by the female officer I was in a "zero tolerance" area that "was in all the local papers" (as if I needed to read the paper to know if I could go over the limit or not). I went to traffic school, as I had a clean record, and out of 150 people in the class I got the award for being the least over the limit. Oh well, makes up for the two other times I nicely talked my way out of worse!!!!!!!

I can get to one of my riding areas by riding down a paved road for about 500m. It's downhill so I coast on the way there but on the way back I have ride up, been lucky so far and haven't had a run in with the cops. I'm hoping they won't say anything because I'm only riding on the shoulder for 500m.

One time, my buddy let me borrow his yz250 2 stroke on the way back and when we hit the pavement I just couldn't resist. Wheelied for as far as I could up the road, pinned it until I caught the car ahead of me, pulled onto the shoulder, passed him then flew up the rest of the road. Lucky I didnt get caught doing that one.

My friend did a small wheelie, barely lofting the front wheel, while taking off from a stop sign. Busted for exhibition of speed.

Obviously you passed the attitude test. Many cops won't ticket you if you're not being too blatant. They stopped you and you acknowledged to stop doing what you were doing. The public is safe! Their job is done.

Rookie cops and traffic cops (money generators) tend to be less forgiving. I've had to explain the actual law to talk my way out of a ticket. As in if your bike is legal in your state it can be ridden that way in other states. I was pulled over for having 1 mirror, not 2 mirros in Nevada. That rookie was pulling everyone over and generating ill will amongist the public.

I'd cool the wheelies in their area. Not for you, but for them. Sometimes cops give a guy a break, then he goes out and does something bonehead and the cops catch hell for it. It's one reason departments end up having to enforce a zero tollerance policy.

I got the following last year:

pulling away at a level crossing before the barrier was

fully up - what a lame one that was

popping wheelie

illegal after market pipe

too much noise

no mirror

plate almost horizontal

He didnt get me for the off road tyres but it still cost me about 400 US$ and I had to take my bike in for a technical review against the original spec which took many hours of work and some new road tires which I have never used since.

In my life I have only ever got off one offense. I couldnt believe my luck but it was only a 20$ parking ticket. :)

Me and authority just dont make good bed fellows. When I have been busted for something and I know a tcket is on its way I tend to be more aggressive than I should and mostly get burned even more. I know I should yes sir no sir and I try real hard most of the time but something just gets the better of me and I mouth off with the expected consequences.

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