Need some advice on flat tires

Ok I am sick and tired of flats and this is only my second flat. I was running that 739 dunlop on the front and the stock tube with no flats. The only thing was was that I hated the 739 for cornering. So I switched to the IRC VE35 front tire. Since then I have had two pinch flats. The first with the stock tube the second with the Fly utra heavey duty tube. I try to run around 20psi to keep from getting pinch flats. So is it my tire that is to week and causing me the pinch flats or what. Now I will admit that everyone told me that I needed to check my tire presure before every ride with the Ulta Heavy Duty tubes because they are a "Natural Rubber" and the tend to leak. Well I would say they are right they leak and tend to go down in presure about every four hours. Now I know that I did not have a puncure from a nail or anything else because I had slime in the UHD tube as well. So at this point I am not sure if the Tire I am running is the weak link or the Tube. I will say that if I am going to get this many Pinch Flats that I am going to just buy the cheepie tubes and a $%it load of patches. Did I mention that I love riding rocks!

What do you think?

You sure the second flat was a pinch flat..... tube has two holes like it was snakebit? If so, my guess is that the 2nd was a fluke.

I have seen foam inserts, that eliminate the need for tubes. I do not know how well they work, but you may consider that.

Maybe a slow leak from a tire tool pinch. If the tire is holding the same psi from the day beforeand then goes flat, you're just having crummy luck. Two holes beside one another like a snake bite is almost always a pinch from a tire tool. I dont think that a tire will leak that much air either. One pound per week is the most I've every seen with any kind of tube. Oh...20lbs. is too much air. You can pop a tire from too much as well as too little air. 12 to 15 max. Any comments boys?...

Ok, The night before the ride I had 20 pounds in the tire. I bet it had about 15 pounds the next day when I road. It was the third ride or on the new tube (about 300 miles worth of riding on it). There was not Two "snake bite holes in it just a Gash about 3/4" long. When the flat happend I did not see or fill and major rock hits but it was rock. I did hear the tire blow out though. I still think it is the tire. This IRC tire does grip corners very well but I do hear the rim taking more hits that I did with the Dunlop. I am however not going back to the Dunlop, I will have to find something else.

Take a look at the tube when you pull it out to see for sure what the problem is, could be a ripped valve stem, a loose valve, pinch, puncture.

I run heavy tubes with slime, and usually about 13 psi and very rarely get flats. I don't have to fill them that often either, that seems like an additional problem.

I had a faulty tire gauge about a year ago I use on my car tires. Something else to think about.

Sorry we didn't hook up this weekend, maybe we can catch a ride before the snow blows. I'm busy then next 2 weekends.

Michelin powder on the tube before you install.....15psi max.(I run 12-14 in most cases over some bad ass rocks).

Endurodog. Yea I looked there was a tear about 3/4" in it. The more I think about it the more I think that I will have to find a new tire. I mean this IRC does real well cornering and and on ruts but I think that the side walls are just to thin. It does not matter if I have 20 pounds in the tire or 13 it "squashes" the same. Does anyone have any suggestions on tires other than a Dunlop Product.

By the way where did you go this weekend? I did find a guy that had a tube so I still rode yesterday. Webster, Radical hill, Swan, Breckenridge, Georgia, and back to Hall valley. Great time. What about you?

Try a Michelin MH2. I think you will be pleastly suprised with the grip and the wear of the tire.

Did you feel inside the tire to see if there is something sharp in there? :)

It was kinda of a last minute thing for me. I went up to the Rand area and looked for a buddy that was camped up there. I didn't find him till the end of the day either so I ended up riding by myself all day. Thats a little scary up there cause you don't know how long it would take for someone to find ya.

You might also want to check the inside of your rim to see if there are any sharp edges that may have caused the cut. I run probably about 13 psi and have not had a pinch flat. If you decide to get a new tire, the michelin M12 is also a really good front tire.

I use a Michelin M12 with heavy duty tubes and run 9.5 lbs and rarely ever get a flat. But then again the front only touches the ground when entering a corner :)

Always check and make sure there is nothing sticking inside of the tire. You will need to run your fingers in and around to see if a sticker, nail or whatever is not sticking in through the tire///

wicked, I am going to try that M12 tire. I don't think that there is anything in the rim or tire that would have caused that to happen. The reason that I say that is that a guy that has a weekend home on that dirt road back to the Hall Valley campground had a like 1970ish IT or TT as a parts bike and he told me that If I wanted to take the tire off that bike asnd see if the tube was any good that I could have it. So who knows how old that tube was but it is still holding air today and that was after we rode 88 miles on it yesterday. Although I took it real easy after we put that tube in. Rode like my grandma was on the handle bars,and I just assume leave grandma at home.

Riding style may come into it....if you just slam through rocks without any attempt to ride through them unweighting the front rear etc then you may go faster most of the time but may invariably suffer the inevitable snake bite.

I see this in mountain biking a lot....I know thinner tyre but the principle is the same. I ride downhill far faster than any of my friends yet have consistnly less flats. I learned the hard way as I just used to blast through suffering the consequences. Now I'm older (and wiser :)) I may go a little slower (when I need to) but mostly I ride smoothly up and over the rocks and debris as opposed to through them.

One other thing is to tape the insides of your rims with duck tape- covers all those abrasive spoke holes etc which may weaken the tube over time.

Dont bother with the talcum if you ride wet conditions, it just turns to a sticky goo. If you ride dry all the time I can see the advantages.

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