99 WR400 Rebuild

took it out for a ride on the weekend and got it all dirty. It held up really well i was very happy that nothing broke or fell apart.

And it goes harder than it did before and wheel stands much much easier :thumbsup:

well it didn't last long :smirk: I killed it on the weekend.

Was out riding for less than 2 hours and when I was WOT it developed a rattle so I switched it off straight away. I'm thinking its a crank bearing, I had a car make a similar noise a while ago and that's what it was.

When I got home I pulled the valve cover off and it all checked out ok with plenty of oil and it has plenty of compression so I'm hoping its just the bearings but the worse things is the motor has to come back out and split the cases again.

ill keep you all updated.

Wow! That sucks!! Let us know what you find. Maniac

well its not looking good. I got the engine out and partially stripped.

The gudgeon pin clip has let go which has caused it to float around and break the piston which has then scored the barrel.

I have some pics and will upload later.

Its running again! :smirk:

I found a guy who was stripping his WR and purchased all the bits i needed, chucked it back together on the weekend and gave it a few kicks and away it went.


What headlight did you use in the build it looks really nice. Also what kind of paint and color for the clutch and stator cover?.

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